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Lindsay Graham must drive the good conservative people of South Carolina crazy. What do conservatives do about Lindsay Graham? He is a loose cannon bouncing around the halls of Congress, leaving the evidence of “good-ole-boys networking” on the pristine walls of conservatism. See videos below.

How do South Carolinians get him out of the Senate with the GOP funding him? I do not vote in South Carolina, but we assume, just for a minute, that conservatives there would like to replace Lindsay Graham, how does a new voice get heard? I wish I knew the answer.

I give Lindsay Graham credit in many areas. He is strong on the defense of the country and the military, he protects the rights of the unborn, he is mixed on energy, he supported Rep. Joe Wilson in a magnificent way, but he wrong on growing the Republican party. He doesn’t have a clue how most conservatives think about the core of the party.

The video is Glenn Beck’s latest clip and commentary of Senator Grahamnesty. Keep in mind that Graham has bashed Beck and Limbaugh on Keith Olberman. Graham just doesn’t understand how a man (Beck) can make so much money for simply “crying.”

Lindsay Graham Angry White Guys