International Islamic University blast Video; Islamic University blast – women targeted

Two blasts ripped through the International Islamic University today with 5 reported dead at this time, along with 2 suicide bombers. At least 20 are said to be injured. Updates as available. This attack reportedly targeted women. See post-attack videos below.

This report says 3-4 thousand students were on the campus in Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad at the time of the blasts.

Earlier in the day two bombs were defused at a girls’ school in Peshawar.

Of the 12,000 students enrolled at the University, half of them are female. This MSNBC report says that the women’s cafeteria was specifically targeted. We should all remember that in the eyes of Islamic militants, women have no rights.

CNN reports that a suicide car bomber killed 13 last Friday, and Monday, two police training centers, and the Pakistani Federal Investigation Agency in Lahore were attacked. Thirty are reported dead in Lahore.

International Islamic University blast (video)

Blast targets Women’s Cafeteria (video)