Hope Diamond: Blue Hope Diamond Out of its Diamond Setting

The fascinating video below shows the famous, or infamous, Blue Hope Diamond, sans its diamond surround – just the bare-naked jewel – out of it’s familiar setting.
Jeweler Pierre Cartier is said to have added diamonds to circle the Hope to entice a buyer – and the plan worked. The diamond was discovered in India in the middle-1600’s and sold to King Henry XIV of France in 1668. Eventually, Henry Phillip Hope purchased the diamond.

As you will see, the surrounding diamonds, now gone, just muddled the beauty of this incredibly rare and beautiful stone. After watching numerous videos of the Hope Diamond, none come close to revealing the beauty of this work of nature, as does the video below.

    Blue Hope Diamond (video)

    Source: GuardianUK.

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    Thanks to friend ChicagoRay who shut-off the annoying autoplay, although the music is lovely.