Gaius Rants Rush Limbaugh

Most bloggers rant. The opportunity to rant is the reason for blogging. Occasionally, we rant in a particularly meaningful manner. Gaius Lawrenitis Negris did just that this week. Speaking of racism in general, and Rush Limbaugh in particular, he points out the absurd with acuity.

Rush Limbaugh

This is a short teaser:

Which reminds me of another point of why the angst over Rush’s
attempted bid to purchase the Rams is more than a little retarded.

read that the bid to purchase the Rams and why Rush was invited to
participate in this bid is because there are folks who want to fight to
keep them in St. Louis.

If you have not been to St. Louis there are a numbers of areas in the core of the city that frankly look like a bombed out Iraq.

the Rams leave there is no doubt that a fair number of black folks
already struggling in the area would be affected, loss of jobs being at
the top of that list.

So while race hustlers like Al Sharpton rants
about Rush’s involvement in the NFL he likely would dismiss himself
from the conversation explaining why more Negros in the greater St.
Louis area (along with a fair number of white people too) were jobless
and unable to support their families….

 When all else in life fails a Negro, just blame the cigar smoking evil white guy black folks don’t even listen to.

Gaius counts the many ways that Rush Limbaugh is at fault for much of life’s miseries. I hope you will read this entire, important article by Gaius, and my thanks to Namaste at My Voice on the Wings of Change, who also talks about Rush.


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