FBI Fox News Talk Radio: FBI Marie in Los Angeles: Rush Limbaugh Caller FBI Los Angeles

I don’t often hear Rush Limbaugh completely surprised – beyond his wildest dreams. Marie in Los Angeles rendered Rush stunned. Prediction: The Los Angeles FBI office received a phone call from Rham Emanuel yesterday after Marie’s call aired. Everyone in the office has been demoted, pay cut and a White House FBI Czar is flying to LA today to take over the operation. Can Obama pull-off a prime time press conference denouncing Marie in Los Angeles? Stay tuned.

Rush Limbaugh

 Marie said she called Congress:

MARIE: Who do you talk to when you can’t trust the top people? You know, I called the FBI, and you know what they told me?

RUSH:  No.

CALLER:  They said, “Watch Fox cable and listen to talk radio,” and then I called another time —

RUSH:  Wait a minute! Wait a minute. Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.  Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Back up.  You called the FBI?

CALLER:  Well, I wanted to find out what was going on with ACORN, the 14 states that they had arrested these people.

RUSH:  What FBI office did you call?

CALLER:  Los Angeles.

RUSH:  And they told you to listen to Fox News and talk radio?

CALLER:  Talk radio.

RUSH:  To find out what was going on?

CALLER:  Yes.  And the next time I called you know what they said?

RUSH:  No.

CALLER:  “Listen to talk radio and watch Glenn Beck.”  And they said, “We all watch Glenn Beck.”

RUSH:  That’s what they told you at the FBI?

Exactly.  And so when I wanted to find out what was going on they said,
“Call the Justice Department.”  Well if you can’t trust the Justice
Department, who do you talk to?  Who do you talk to? You can’t trust
the top. I called John Boehner, because he’s the one you can really
talk to. I said, “You’ve got to tell them that Obama is going after the
Internet and talk radio.  They’ve gotta stop it.”

RUSH:  And what did he say?

Well, I talked to the office. They said, “Yeah, we know what’s going
on,” and when I called the FBI they said, “We know what’s going on, but
we can’t do anything because the Secret Service will say they’re in
charge.”  This is what’s going on right now.

RUSH:  You know what, folks?  I feel like I’m in that balloon flying over Colorado.