Don Imus Chris Christie: Chris Christie Big Fat Winner (video)

New Jersey Republican gubernatorial candidate, Chris Christie, came out with a few good lines today. Listen as Christie talks to Don Imus about his weight. Sitting governor, Democrat Jon Corzine, has used Christie’s weight as an issue in the race. See latest polling below the video. See post election update 11-03-09 below:

Chris Christie

Don Imus and Chris Christie (video)

The RealClearPolitics polling average 10/28/09 shows Corzine holding a +1.6 lead
The Daily Kos 10-26 through 10-28-09 poll shows Christie ahead of Corzine 42% to 41%
GreenbergQuinlanRosner 10-27 through 10-28-09 favors Corzine 43% to Christie 38%
Rasmussen 10-27-09 shows Christie 46% to Corzine’s 43%

Update post election 11-03-09:

Chris Christie won the race for governor of New Jersey.