CNN St. Petersburg Times CBS : Can You Hear Us Now Protests October 2009

What a great idea. Americans were out this weekend protesting the media: “Can you hear us now,” was echoed outside CNN’s Atlanta facility. The crowd was estimated between 500-1000 but in the first video below, it appears the crowd was much bigger than 500. More than 100 are said to have visited the St. Petersburg Times (FL), 100 in Portland, OR, “dozens” in Raleigh, N.C., 40 outside the Arizona Republic in Phoenix. Even Boston – “Can you hear us now,” chanted outside the Boston Globe. Protesters had a more original chant for the New York CBS studios this morning: “CBS – Can’t believe your stories.”

Our Media Watchdogs Have Become Obama Lap Dogs
Advocating Barack’s Communism (ABC)
The Silent Majority Roars, Can you Hear Us Now?
Facts = Viewers
ABC – The All Barack Channel
Boycott ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN News
Rham it down our throat in 2009, we’ll shove it where the sun don’t shine in 2010
Report the Truth
Give me Liberty, not Lies
Report Facts, Not Bias
CNN – Controlled News Network
The Sons of Liberty were riding – Constitutional Pitbulls.  Love it, love it, love it!

Thanks much to Holger Awakens who has another rousing video.

I thank all of these patriots who took their weekend to be seen and be heard on my behalf. 

CNN Can You Hear Us Now? (video)

Chicago Can You Hear Us Now? (video)

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