On Being Done With Law and Order – Even the Reruns

Lonely Conservative gives my take on the latest hate-filled NBC production. I’m done with Law and Order – even with reruns.

When I’ve watched in the past year or so, it is usually reruns from several seasons ago. Won’t do that again. I like HGTV where shows like House Hunters show how real people buy homes, or how Property Virgins realtor (Sandra Rinomato) counsels her first-times buyers on budgeting and affordability.

There is no such thing as “law and order,” or “fair and balanced” on network TV.

By Lonely Conservative
I used to like Law and Order. Now I only watch re-runs late at night when I can’t sleep. I’m so glad I missed Friday’s season premiere when they jumped on Eric Holder’s “prosecute Bush administration officials” band wagon.

I have a few suggestions for Law and Order story lines. Prosecuting community organizations that receive state and federal funding, while counseling pimps and hos on running a brothel would be timely and interesting. Here’s another one: going after Congressmen for cheating on their taxes and rent control fraud. And prosecuting an Obama administration official for failing to report the sexual abuse of a child sure would be juicy. But I’m sure Jeffrey Immelt’s GE owned NBC won’t go there.

Law and Order (video)

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