Michael Honda Health Care for Illegals

Here it comes. The re-newed push for health care for illegals, courtesy of a U.S. Representative, Michael Honda (D-CA).

Michael Honda

Honda wants his illegal voters to love him even more.

Undocumented [illegal], if they can afford it, should be able to buy their own private plans.

Does the word “illegal” no longer have meaning for Democrats? Of course illegals should not be able to buy their own private health care plan or share in the dreaded government option.

Honda argues that illegals purchasing their own private plan will “keep them out of emergency rooms.” How about treating everyone in the emergency room once, checking their legality or illegality, and if illegal, put them on a ship destined for the far tip of Mexico or whatever the appropriate homeland.

Mr. Honda and his allies, though, say illegal immigrants should be allowed to pay for insurance if they can afford it, even if it comes through a government-established exchange. As a generally young, healthy part of the population, illegal immigrants could help reduce overall costs for those who buy into health exchange plans, the lawmakers said.

Sounds just like a Liberal politician! Illegality means nothing.

What happens when the private plans go away, as we know they will? After the benevolent act of allowing illegals to purchase a private plan, do we really think illegals will not be subsidized by the government plan?

If illegals refuse to purchase health care, will they be charged the $3800 annually that you or I will accessed? Of course not.

The next “battle,” illegal amnesty, has fired it’s most recent shot.