Irans New Nuclear Enrichment Plant: The World Yawns at Irans "Other" Nuke Plant

Presidents Obama and Sarkozy, and Prime Minister Brown are shocked and outraged by the revelation that Iran has yet another, a “second,” a new, uranium enrichment plant.

Iran Nuclear Plants

However…the U.S., France and Britain have known about it for years. We just let it continue…let it move right along, while officials watched it…didn’t tell Americans and Israeli’s that the country which hates us both to the middle of hell had another nuke plant underway. (I assume the “new” nuclear plant is not shown on the above map).

Iran admitted the existence of the nuclear facility, only after discovering that the CIA and the National Security Agency had their eye on what Iran refers to as their “pilot plant.”

President Obama has demanded that Iran let IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) inspectors into the “secret site.” Letting the IAEA (a U.N. organ) watchdog another Muslim country is equivalent to giving comfort and aid to the enemy.

El Baradei just stepped down from the position of Director General after 12 years. He is the “inspector” and “director” who allowed Iran to construct their nuclear facilities, beginning with Iran’s first moves to acquire information on how to enrich uranium, right up to the newly revealed plant.

Even so, Mohamed El Baradei and the U.N. received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. As Ed Lasky at American Thinker said back in 2007, Mohamed El Baradei “will be the man who will be credited as the enabler.”

You may remember the name Chris Charlier, a Belgian member of the the IAEA. He was the “head” Iran inspector. He didn’t like what Iran was doing. He actually “inspected” Iranian facilities, then he talked about what he found – which was a quest to enrich uranium for military purposes. Back in 2006, Charlier said “Tehran is obviously making a bomb.”

Iran demanded that El Baradei fire Charlier as lead inspector, and that is exactly what El Bardei did. The world yawned.

Here’s what Obama said yesterday:

Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow,” Obama said, detailing how the facility at Qom had been under construction for years without being disclosed, as required, to the International Atomic Energy Association. “International law is not an empty promise.”

Gordon Brown accused Iran of “serial deception,” and he is assuring us that the “international community” is shocked and angry.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown accused Iran of “serial deception” that he said “will shock and anger the whole international community, and it will harden our resolve.”

President Nicolas Sarkozy said:

“How, before the eyes of the world, could we justify meeting without tackling them?” Sarkozy said. “We live in the real world, not a virtual world. And the real world expects us to take decisions.”

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor is “very worried.”

The world has yawned again. U.N. sanctions are a joke. These heads of states know we will not force the U.N. to act against Iran. We are well aware that sanctions mean nothing, unless we intend to blockade the country, let nothing into Iran, and let nothing out of Iran. Yukiya Amano, a Japanese diplomat, replaces El Baradei on November 30th. Surely Japan will cast a wary eye to nuclear proliferation.