Wanda Sykes Rush Limbaugh: No Regrets Wishing Limbaugh Dead

Wanda Sykes is talking about Rush Limbaugh again, and she has not changed her mind about wishing kidney failure for the all-time Number 1 Talk Radio Host, and she doesn’t regret wishing Limbaugh dead. See video below. Update 8-23-09

Wanda Sykes

Sykes’ lambasted Limbaugh at the 2009 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, with President and Mrs. Obama sitting to her right, and grinning through it all. Limbaugh is to blame, of course. He started it, said Sykes. In Sykes’ strange mind, Limbaugh saying he hopes Obama’s policies fail is synonymous with wishing Obama dead. Intellectual dishonesty is the hallmark of the uber-Liberal.

In an interview this week, Sykes, 41, said she certainly did not want to be mean spirited – or “just attack someone for the sake of doing it.” You see, Sykes believes that Rush started the whole thing because he had the moxy to say he hoped Obama’s socialism would not invade America.

The interviewer, who NewsBusters‘ Tim Graham identifies as Randy Shulman of the the local gay magazine Metro Weekly, agreed that Sykes’ sweet spirited attack on Rush was “earned.”

John Nolte writing at Big Hollywood is offended, however. As a gay woman, who married her partner in October 2008, Nolte calls her a gutless coward, not for her attack on Limbaugh, but for this:

Here you have a gay woman just a few feet from the Most Powerful Anti-Gay Marriage Man On The Planet and she lacked the sand to bring the issue up even once.

According to Sykes who says she does wonder “When is it our turn?,” Obama “has a lot on his plate” right now. She thinks he will step up to the plate and…what? Dictate that America will make gay marriage not only legal but a right? Nolte explains it to Ms. Sykes:

Earth to Wanda: It’s not that President Obama has a lot on his plate right now — it’s that he opposes same-sex marriage. His plate could be as empty as the U.S. Treasury and it wouldn’t be “your turn.”

Nolte finishes his column with some fine commentary [snippets]:

I guess that like a Vietnam War protester acknowledging the Cambodian Holocaust, a declarative statement regarding Obama’s opposition to same-sex marriage is too psychologically confusing and painful.

Also worthy of note is Sykes’ “barometer” which is so dishonest she refuses to concede that her comments regarding Limbaugh were “mean-spirited” or even a “personal attack.”…The concept is simple: Label something obviously wrong as right with such matter-of-fact, unblinking confidence people start to second guess themselves.

Hopefully this tactic has been permanently exposed and dealt a considerable setback with the blowback towards Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) after their launching of unprecedented and unforgivable attacks on community organizers everyday citizens speaking out in townhall meetings…. Citizens, I might add, with the stones to do what Sykes won’t: Speak a little truth to power.

Sykes’ partner, Alex, gave birth to twins – a son and daughter in April 2009, according to this site. Maybe you remember the crude joke she made about Sarah Palin and abstinence. Sykes vs Limbaugh vs Palin. Hmmmmm, who the heck waits around to hear what Wanda Sykes has to say. Not much of anyone.

Update 8-23-09:
Two comments left on this post deserve to in the post as food for thought:

BobF made the point that for all of Sykes confidence that President Obama will do something about same-sex marriage when he has time to get around it ”

Carolyne says: BobF, that makes sense now about the gay marriage, didn’t put that together, neither did the gays. Islam is screwed…go figure. They cut people’s heads off, mutilate genetals, but don’t believe in gay marriage? yet rape and marry children.

Wanda Sykes