Roxana Mayer is Sheila Jackson Lee Fake Doctor

Sheila Jackson Lee rudely talks on a cell phone while a cancer survivor asks a question at a Townhall meeting about the health care bill threatening our health care. Oh, and by the way, she meets and greets a fake doctor, then hugs the same physician and asks the audience to give the fake physician, a Pediatric Primary Care doctor, Roxana Mayer, a hand. Roxana Mayer is Sheila Jackson Lee’s fake doctor.

Roxana Mayer (R) – Sheila Jackson Lee (L)

The short story is that Roxana Mayer was a Texas delegate for Obama. She admitted that she is not a physician. Patterico’s Pontifications has the whole story. Read the email exchange between the blog’s Patrick Frey and Roxana Mayer here. Patrick asks her if she “plays a physician at townhalls?” Follow the links to all of Patterico’s posts on Sheila Jacson Lee and Roxana Mayer. Here’s a snipped of info about the “not a doctor” Roxana Mayer:

[UPDATE 8-14-09:] Mayer has admitted to me that she was invited to the town hall meeting via a listserv message sent by a radical Obama supporter who ran an Obama campaign office that displayed a Che Guevara poster.

Roxana Mayer – Sheila Jackson Lee (video) 

Photo credit: Houston Chronicle who obviously had to explain their photo caption.

Sheila Jackson Lee Talks on Phone: Sheila Jackson Lee Townhall Talker(video)