List of Post Office Closings: Postal Branches Closing, Services Cut

Entrepreneurs, get your financing together and open that Mail Suite or whatever you want to call it. Cash-in on yet another government failure. Post Offices and postal branches are closing in a neighborhood near you.

Post Office Closings – Service Cut

To find a list of post office closings, you cannot go to the government, of course, because the site is overwhelmed.

Snail mail is dead, they say. Blame is also placed on the “recession.” The Internet sends and receives most of our daily correspondence. When we must actually mail something, a UPS or FedEx store gets our business. This is a great opportunity for privately-owned mail businesses to develop customer care and get the mail moving again because the U.S. Postal Service says they will also cut mail delivery from 6 days a week to 5 days a week. Cutting mail service while continually increasing postage – yes, that’s our Government.

You can check the government website to see if your post office is targeted – that is if the page will load. As usual, Big Brother’s website is overwhelmed. After 27 minutes, the list of closing postal offices is still trying to load.

Nevermind, just visit I assume it is not owned by the government. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of their information, of course, but along with the list you’ll see, there is also a pdf available.