Katie Couric Fear and Ignorance Video: Couric Townhalls a Sideshow

CBS’ Katie Couric treats us to a page from her “notebook,” which polls say no one cares about these days. Townhalls are a “sideshow,” she says, and “fear and ignorance” reign.

Katie Couric

Couric quotes a man at one of Senator Arlen Specter’s Townhall’s saying that the healthcare legislation “has awakened a sleeping giant,” Couric can’t let that man’s opinion have an ounce of respect. “Not exactly” she says. What it has done is “stirred a hornets nest.” To Couric, conservatives are certainly not giants, they are hornets. “Disturbing attitudes and emotions that have nothing to do with policy,” perky Katie tell us, is what conservative opinions are all about. We are “drowning out serious debate,” in our Townhall “sideshows.”

I hope she keeps talking. We know from the polls the more she talks the lower her ratings go. Consider this, conservative authors are discussing conservative issues, and who is at the top of the best selling non-fiction book category: Michelle Malkin’s Culture of Corruption, Mark Levine’s Liberty and Tyranny, and Glen Beck’s Common Sense. Yes, I think a sleeping giant is awakening, if not erupting. See the video here.