Inevitable: Left Will Destroy St. Louis Victim Kenneth Gladney

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In St. Louis tempers flared over a town hall meeting closed to much of the non-unionized public. Representative Russ Carnahan wasn’t interested in meeting many of his constituents, so they milled about outside, up to a thousand people, as reported by Gateway Pundit. Suddenly a man was attacked by SEIU union thugs, police arrived and 3 were arrested. Some of the beating is caught on tape – view it here.

The tactics of the union members are predictable, the administration has responded to protests against the healthcare bill by calling out its supporters to rat on or confront them. The unions are delivering what they’ve earned a nail studded reputation for. The problem is that for the man attacked, the real beating hasn’t even begun. Kenneth Gladney, a guy who admits he has no opinion at all about the healthcare plan, will be savaged by the left just for ending up a sympathetic figure in their hostile takeover of healthcare in America.

Mr. Gladney’s interview by Neil Cavuto shows him to be oblivious to the sin he’s committed, and as he sits there by his lawyer you just wince knowing that he’s going to be torn to pieces by the animals that tore at Joe The Plumber and slashed Sarah Palin. He’s not eloquent. He’s not opinionated. He’s not even interested in the argument. But now he’s on the news as a tea party protester who was the first to feel the fist of the Obama juggarnaut. They’re probably in his trash cans right now. How long is it going to be before we read about his private past, the embarrassments and failures? Does he have a business license? Has he paid his child support? Does he owe taxes? Does he use drugs? Is he a hypocrite of some sort? Did he vote for Obama? What did he do to deserve the beating and racial taunting by the thugs? Has he ever heard of Joe The Plumber?

I hope Ken has found a safe place with good friends – chances are the Obamatrons are gunning for him. The Left today is remorseless; anyone who stands in their way is slandered and their life ripped open for the world to comment on. Ask Gerald Walpin, who has a whole administration telling the world that he’s senile. Ask Bristol Palin or any conservative speaking at a college campus. Ask military recruiters and seniors standing indignant at their AARP meetings, denounced as goons by thier nation’s president. The vicious reaction by progressives against their political enemies continues to escalate and is the prime reason why politics are so bitter right now. Of course there are Republicans who say terrible things about those they disagree with, but the difference is that other Republicans will rise up against them. Activist democrats tend to join in the attack – to them there is a higher value than peace. It’s power.

Kenneth Gladney better be ready for his time under the klieg lights. Once the machine gets done with him, he’ll wish he’d just taken his beating and gone home.

Kenneth Gladney is Black Conservative Attached, Cavuto (Video)