George Sodini is Pittsburg Gym Shooter: George Sodini Diary

George Sodini is the Pittsburg gym shooter who killed 3 on Tuesday night, injured at least 10 according to latest reporting, and then killed himself. Fifty-two bullet casings were reportedly found on the floor. Updates below.

George Sodini

Three women died from the gun fire: Heidi Overmier 46, Elizabeth Gannon 49, and Jody Billingsley 38. Reportedly, Sodini’s ex-girlfriend was shot and killed. She is unnamed. He wrote in his web diary that he took guns to the gym on January 6 but “chickened out.” Sodini signs off on his webpage with “Death Lives.”

George Sodini, 48, of Carnegie, Scott Township, PA walked into LA Fitness in Bridgeville, PA on Washington Pike about 8 p.m. Tuesday evening. He was reportedly was a member of the club. He hid two handguns in a gym bag.

The shootings occurred in a Latin Impact Dance aerobics class with at least 20 people working out. Witnesses told the police the lights went out and the shooting began.

We were just playing a pickup game and heard everybody screaming,” said Richard Walker, who was in the gym at the time of the shooting. “Everybody started running into the gym bleeding. And we hit the door. One lady was shot in the leg, one lady was shot in the shoulder. We started picking her up and dragging her out. Everybody said, ‘Run.'”

WTAE Channel 4 is reporting five women are in hospital with multiple gun shot wounds. Three are said to have been upgraded from critical to serious condition. Two others remained in critical condition last night.

Although George Sodini is believed to be a member of LA Fitness, those that saw him in the facility did not recognize him.

He did not say anything. He walked right to the room where the shootings occurred as if he knew exactly where he was going and pulled the guns out and started shooting,” Moffatt said.Some of the witnesses said they didn’t realize what they were hearing was gunfire.

Ron Fleeher told WTAE Channel 4 Action News that the gunman held down his niece before shooting her.”My niece said a couple bullets went past her head and (the gunman) leaned down, straddled her and shot her in the shoulder,” Fleeher said.

[another witness] I turned around there was one girl shot in the thigh and one girl shot in the back,” said Branson Holly, a witness inside the gym at the time of the shooting. “I’m still shaken because I was in spinning class and it could have been my class.”

According to neighbors, Mr. Sodini was “anti-social.” According to Sodini’s own webpage,, if indeed this is the same George Sodini, he was a lonely, sick and dangerous man. An entry from December 24, 2008 says “Moving into Christmas again. No girlfriend since 1984.” He says he is not “ugly or too weird.” He says “30 million women rejected me – over an 18-25 year period.” After giving the name of a woman who he says had “my baby” in 1991, he signs off with “Death Lives.” From his webpage dated April 3, 2009:

I took off today, Monday, and tomorrow to practice my routine and make sure it is well polished. I need to work out every detail, there is only one shot. Also I need to be completely immersed into something before I can be successful. I haven’t had a drink since Friday at about 2:30. Total effort needed. Tomorrow is the big day.

Unfortunately I talked to my neighbor today, who is very positive and upbeat. I need to remain focused and absorbed COMPLETELY. Last time I tried this, in January, I chickened out. Lets see how this new approach works.

Maybe soon, I will see God and Jesus. At least that is what I was told. Eternal life does NOT depend on works. If it did, we will all be in hell. Christ paid for EVERY sin, so how can I or you be judged BY GOD for a sin when the penalty was ALREADY paid. People judge but that does not matter. I was reading the Bible and The Integrity of God beginning yesterday, because soon I will see them.

I will try not to add anymore entries because this computer clicking distracts me.

Also, any of the “Practice Papers” left on my coffee table I used or the notes in my gym bag can be published freely. I will not be embarased, because, well, I will be dead. Some people like to study that stuff. Maybe all this will shed insight on why some people just cannot make things happen in their life, which can potentially benefit others.

George Sodini published his sordid life in his online diary. He didn’t like his pastor. He calls his “mum” vindictive and dominant and his brother Michael, a “big bully,” and “self-absorbed.” Perhaps no one ever landed on his little place in blogosphere.

Update: 8-7-09:
George Sodini purchased a Glock magazine and a glock magazine loader from TGSCOM, Inc., the same company that sold some merchandise to the Northern Illinois and Virginia Tech University shooters. No guns were sold directly to Sodini. All gun purchases must go through a licensed dealer who then makes all the background checks, etc. It is not known if the Glock accessories were used in the shootings.

This report identifies Sodini’s ex-girlfriend as the unnamed aerobics instructor who had just announced her pregnancy to the class where the shootings occured. If this is true, she survived the shooting. I cannot confirm this report. Other reports believe his “ex-girlfriend” was one of the three murdered. We should keep in mind that Sodini’s state of mind may have “created” the “ex-girlfriend.”