Daniel Hannan Glen Beck: Beck on Prostate Cancer

Among the many, many reasons not to accept the health care reform that the administration is planning for us, here are two. Maybe taking them in small doses will make am impact. One is discussed in the video below and one is not.

Daniel Hannan

First, the issue not in the video: if you are a wealthy person, or a middle-income person and you take solace in the fact that you will just pay a physician for your care and to heck with the government plan, think again. Your physician may (may, maybe, maybe not) be able to treat you, but if you need a procedure that will put you in a surgical facility – your physician will not be in a position to get you scheduled. That can only be done through the government program. There will be no private surgical facilities, because the hospitals must approve every facility outside of their domain.

Second, the issue in the video discusses prostate cancer. Glen Beck and Britain’s Daniel Hannan discuss the inadequacy of Britain’s universal health care. Beck offers some prostate cancer statics: Currently in the U.S. there is a 100 percent relative survival rate, in Canada the relative survival rate is 95 percent and in the UK – only 77 percent. If cancer has not been introduced to your family, your friends or your co-workers…yet, you are fortunate, but you know you will not escape it forever.

This video is about more than cancer survival rates. I hope you’ll watch it.

Daniel Hannan Glen Beck: Hannan Warns on Healthcare (video)