Betsy McCaughey Fred Thomspon Health Care (Video)

Seniors, gird your loins. Listen as Betsy McCaughey tell Fred Thomson how the Obama health care bill, beginning on page 425 through 430, provides a new benefit to Seniors.

Will you look forward to “required” counseling on how to “cut your life short,” forego antibiotics, hydration and nutrition? There is much more in this video. Every AARP member needs to listen to Fred and Betsy:

Betsy McCaughey – Fred Thompson (video)

Ms. McCaughey mentions Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Ezekiel Emanuel. Ezekiel is a doctor and he has all 4 of President Obama’s ears. Ezekiel believes that the elderly need to give up their health care for the younger and healthier. He is an advisor to Obama and has direct access to the White House. Read his exact quotes here.