Zelaya Returns: Zelaya Retreats

In a humiliating move, ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya gussied up to the Nicaragua-Honduras border at Las Manos, lifted a border chain, according to reports, and stepped onto his native soil. Honduran military stepped back about 20 yards, and apparently prevented violence. Now what would Zelaya do? Well, he would tuck-tail and return to Nicaragua.

Manuel Zelaya

The ousted president of Honduras has briefly crossed the country’s border with Nicaragua, in a symbolic move the US has described as a “reckless”.

Mr Zelaya, wearing his customary cowboy-style hat, walked up to a sign reading “Welcome to Honduras” but did not go any further into the country.

Costa Rican mediator, President Oscar Aria, failed to mediate. It’s fairly simple from what we can see today: Zelaya wanted to be Hugo Chavez and the Congress and the Supreme Court would have none of it. Instead they sent Zelay packing and the Micheletti government is carrying on with Democracy as outlined in the Honduran constitution. What is there to mediate? Who would think mediation would work? Oh, yeah – that would Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I remember a time when the counsel of the United States meant something around the world.

I guess we can’t blame Zelaya. He thought if Chavez could do it, surely he could do it. After all, his family is powerful, he’s wealthy, he was the president, you know…he could buy the vote of the poor. At one time it didn’t suck to be Zelaya.


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