World’s Oldest Mom Dies: Maria del Carmen Bousada Dies

Maria del Carmen Bousada, the world’s oldest Mom died Saturday, July 11 at the age of 70. She is believed to be the world’s oldest Mom, although there is an unconfirmed report by an East Indian woman claiming to have given birth last year to twins at the age of 70.

Maria del Carmen Bousada

In 2006 Bousada gave birth in Spain at the age of 66 to twin toddlers. She conceived the twins through in vitro fertilization at a Los Angeles clinic, where she says she lied about her age to qualify for the treatment. The birth of the Bousada babies, Pau and Christian, created a firestorm of controversy.

Maria del Carmen Bousada never married. She is described as a “pensioner,” and she lived with her mother until her mother’s death in 2005, at age 101. At that time, Ms. Bousada began her plan to go through in vitro without telling her family. This report says when she told her family she was two months pregnant, they thought he was “joking.” This comment from Maria’s brother, Manuel Bousada de Lara in January 2007:

My mother would roll in her grave if she knew what my sister has done. She would ask: ‘How are you going to bring up two boys at your age?’”

Earlier reports said that Bousada was diagnosed with cancer not long after giving birth. Her brother, Ricardo Bousada has confirmed her death but refused to confirm the cause of death, saying that he had sold exclusive rights to Maria, Pau and Christian’s story to an unidentified television “program” to help pay for the children’s upbringing.

There was no word on who would raise the twins. Bousada had once said she would look for a younger man to help her raise them.

The world’s oldest mom, Maria del Carmen Bousada had her boys for two years. She sold her home to pay for the in vitro treatments, which she said was “the only way to achieve the thing I had always dreamed of, and I did it.”