Stimulus Brings Worst Unemployment in Central New York Since 1990

By Lonely Conservative

The Syracuse Post Standard reports that unemployment in Central New York is higher than it has been since 1990. See video below.

Unemployment in the area was 8.6 percent in June, higher than it has been in any June since at least 1990, when the Labor Department changed its methodology for calculating the rate.

Right now, we’re feeling the full effects of the recession because the job losses have spread from manufacturing to the other sectors,” said Karen Knapik-Scalzo, an economist with the department. “It’s become more widespread now.”

The jobless rate was up from 8 percent in May and 5.4 percent in June of last year. It matched that of the state but was below the nation’s unemployment rate of 9.7%”

Not only has Central New York lost 4,900 jobs since last June, the government added 700 jobs, so the net loss to the private sector is even worse than it seems. We, the taxpayers, have to pay for those 700 new government jobs somehow.

And we’re the lucky ones. Michigan’s unemployment rate is higher than 15%! Wasn’t Porkulus – aka the Generational Theft Act – supposed to stimulate the economy to keep people from losing their jobs? That’s what Barack Obama told us, over and over again. Now he’s singing a different tune, and his penchant for constantly appearing in front of cameras is starting to hurt him. The GOP is capitalizing on his vanity. Good for them.

Keep talking Obama, keep talking.