Conrad Murray is Michael Jackson Doctor Suspect?

TMZ, with a sensational banner saying Authorities Closing in on Jackson Doc, is reporting that the “central target” in the death of Michael Jackson is Dr. Conrad Murray, and TMZ says their source is the Los Angeles Police Department. Stunning UPDATE Regarding Dr. Murray. See Below. New Paris Jackson Paternity – see below.

Dr. Conrad Murray

Dr. Murray was in the house at the time of Michael’s cardiac arrest. From TMZ:

Sources say the doctor is not cooperating with authorities, but they have still found evidence linking him to the drug that may have killed Jackson.

There is evidence Propofol was administered to Jackson shortly before his heart stopped beating.

And we’re told there is evidence Dr. Murray may have administered the drug.

Dr. Murray delayed calling 911 because, he said, he did not know Jackson’s house address.

Other doctors are still of interest. TMZ reports that Jackson employees have complained that Dr. Arnold Klein, Jackson’s dermatologist, was using the name of Jackson employees to prescribe drugs that would find their way to Michael.

Remember the reports of the needle marks found all over Michael’s body? You can read the latest here.

Update August 1, 2009:
On Geraldo tonight, Michael’s father Joe Jackson, intimated that he thinks Michael’s handlers killed him. Later in the show there are comments from a guest and Geraldo’s brother Craig, indicating that AEG (handlers???) – “someone high up in the food chain,” played a part in the death. The short story from one of the guests is that Dr. Murray may have been set-up.

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