Boehner and Hoyer on Fox News Sunday: Boehner: Defending the Simulus (Video)

Listen to Boehner tell Hoyer that Republicans were not opposed to a stimulus, they were opposed to the Democrat’s stimulus. Saying that jobs should have been created by small businesses as Republicans proposed, Obama and Hoyer bray about th teachers and firefighters who have not lost their jobs.

The fact is, few jobs have been created, basically no sustainable jobs have been created, but…well one job created by stimulus funds is…innovative??? The show opens with this video within the video, of how a town used their stimulus windfall.

Rep. John Boehner key quote: “Trust small business and the American people to invest their own money.”

In response to Rep. Steny Hoyer’s whine that the Democrats inherited this terrible economy, my hubby points out that the Democrats had been in power for two years before Barack Obama came to the Oval Office, and sat in the Senate those two years.

Boehner and Hoyer on Fox News Sunday