Al Frankens Committees: Repubs Send $95,000 to Franken

The Repubs sent $95,000 to Al Franken’s Senate office. According to law, Republicans had to pay-up for partial costs of the lawsuit defending former Senator Norm Coleman’s Minnesota senate seat.

Al Franken – Minnesota Senator

Al Franken’s committees have been assigned: the Senate Judiciary Committee as well as the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, the Committee on Special Aging and the Indian Affairs Committee, will enjoy Franken’s lively input.

Lady Justice

With Obama’s devotion to the United Nations, Franken’s swearing-in, Republican filibuster a fond memory, Franken on the Judiciary, and Sotomayor a sure bet, it’s time to call things as they are and change the name of Lady Justice to Lady Social Justice. Can someone do a graphic of Lady Liberty without her blinders on, because they have just been rudely riped asunder?