Al Franken is T. Boone Pickens Swift Boat Accuser

T. Boone Pickens helped fund an ad for Vietnam Veterans against John Kerry, and Senator Al Franken is taking him to task. Ooooohhhhh! Exciting, huh? The continuation of the Franken unraveling?

Al Franken and Mrs. Al Franken

Known as the Swift Boat ads, Vietnam War Veterans took umbrage at the stories spun by then-presidential candidate, John F. Kerry. Mr. Pickens didn’t like it much either, and helped the Vets get their story out. It is considered absolute fact that Al Franken was not on that battlefield, but the Swift Boat Veterans were. See video below.

T. Boone Pickens was invited to address the weekly Democrat Policy Committee at a luncheon.
Pickens was there to discuss his wind energy plan. Senator John Kerry was a no-show.

Lunch over, and Pickens walked up to Al Franken and tried to introduce himself.

Franken began to berate him about the billionaire’s financing of the Swift Boat ads in 2004.

According to a source, the confrontation grew heated.
Said Franken spokeswoman Jess McIntosh: “It was a lively conversation.”

Pickens’ camp appears unmoved by the drama. “If they have a problem, that’s their problem,” said Pickens spokesman Jay Rosser.

Al Franken – Swift Boat Accuser