White House Charges Walpin Confused Disoriented

The White House is saying that for Inspector General Gerald Walpin was fired because he appeared “confused and disoriented” at a meeting? Have you seen former Inspector General Gerald Walpin on television? If you have, you know a “confused and disoriented” scenario with this man is likely not truthful. See a video below. See update 11-10-09 below.

White House

President Obama’s Special Counsel Norm Eisen penned a letter to Senators Lieberman and Susan Collins outlining the reasons the President fired Mr. Walpin.

Eisen charged that at a May 20, 2009 board meeting Walpin “was confused, disoriented, unable to answer questions and exhibited other behavior that led the Board to question his capacity to serve.”

The Obama administration “further learned that Mr. Walpin had been absent from the Corporation’s headquarters, insisting upon working from his home in New York over the objections of the Corporation’s Board; that he had exhibited a lack of candor in providing material information to decision makers; and that he had engaged in other troubling and inappropriate conduct. Mr. Walpin had become unduly disruptive to agency operations, impairing his effectiveness and, for the reasons stated above, losing the confidence of the Board.

The White House failed to follow requirements that Inspector Generals receive a 30-day notice and documentation of reasons for the firing presented to Congress. Walpin was given one hour to resign or be fired, by telephone, from Eisen.


The Inspector General investigating AmeriCorps and other national service programs has been fired, and may have been fired for revealing misdeeds involving thousands of taxpayer dollars by an Obama supporter.

There’s more: the way in which Obama handled the firing may have flown in the face of current law.

Inspector General Gerald Walpin reported that Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, an Obama supporter, former NBA Basketball star (and rumored personal friend), and St. HOPE Academy founder, a non-profit group, received hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal grants and used the monies illegally or in a wasteful and abusive manner.

St. HOPE eventually repaid the government more than $400,000.00.

It is timely to note that Michelle Obama seems to be involved in the hiring of the top positions of the Corporation National and Community Service (CNCS) Corporation which employed Gerald as an independent Inspector General.

Her Chief-of-Staff just left her White House Office to join CNCS and three other top positions are empty.

The Obama’s are not going to tolerate an up-start like Walpin looking into their beloved AmeriCorp.

Fact is, Walpin had already done the looking and the picture wasn’t pretty.

More as it becomes available. Walpin should have plenty to say about these charges. Watch this video if you haven’t already seen it. Let me know if you an even imagine this man being confused and disoriented. Walpin appears at about 3:31 minutes into the video.

Glen Beck – Gerald Walpin

Update 11-10-09:

Announced today that Gerald Walpin has been cleared of charges that he
overstepped his authority in his investigation of AmeriCorps and Kevin
Johnson. Read the story here.
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