Warren Buffet Cap and Trade: Huge Tax and Regressive

In this video below, which I found at the stellar Conservative Thoughts blog, big time billionaire Liberal Obama supporter and donor, Warren Buffet, says that Cap and Trade is a huge tax, it’s regressive and it will cost “some very poor people a lot more for electricity.”

Warren Buffet

What Buffet doesn’t say is, it will also cost a lot of us who are not yet poor, but work hard every day to pay our bills. The thing is, we will continue to pay our bills but live on less, thanks to this Democrat garbage legislation. Now the Senate must pass its version of Cap and Trade. Start contacting your Senator now, even if you think he/she would never vote for this massive tax hike. Get your opposition registered with your Senator’s office now. Who knows what the administration has planned to purchase your Senator’s good judgement.

Update 6-30-09
Fellow blogger Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom has been doing some major work on Cap and Trade and he reminds me that there is a rebate for low-income families. Call that rebate a “Redistribution of Wealth” right inside this Democrat legislation. Read it explained fully and simply here.

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