Tax Liens Against John Kerry

Senator John Kerry’s 2004 Presidential campaign has a $819,848 tax lien filed against it. Kerry says it is all a mistake – a clerical error, the IRS says it is a debt that needs to be paid.

John Kerry

The Kerry campaign says it paid the taxes in 2005. The IRS said no taxes had been filed, so Kerry et al refiled in …2008, in response to an IRS request.

The IRS says they have “made a demand for payment,” but the lien remains unpaid.

The Senator charges that the IRS “mishandled payroll tax forms,” and that the W-2’s were correctly filed by his campaign in 2005. The IRS will not comment because they say it is against the law for them to do so.

According to, Kerry’s 2007 net worth ranges from $284 million to $388 million. In 2204, much closer to the campaign, his net worth was estimated between $236 million to $312 million. During the 2004 elections, it was believed that Kerry’s wife, Teresa Hines Kerry, the heir to the Hines Ketchup fortune, was worth billions.