Tami Farrell is Miss California USA: Tami Farrell New Miss California

Tami Farrell is named the new Miss California as the reigning title holder, Carrie Prejean, is fired. See photos and videos below.

Tami Farrell – New Miss California

Tami Farrell is the new Miss California, in the wake of pageant winner Carrie Prejean’s firing. See background on Carrie Prejean at the end of this article.

Miss California USA, Tami Farrell, has a long record of winning beauty and talent pageants. Her first title was Miss Oregon Teen USA in 2002.

She gave up that crown when she took the Miss Teen USA title in 2003. Miss Universe owns and runs the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA contests, where she was voted Miss Congeniality. All are owned by NBC Universal and Donald Trump. Farrell eventually moved to Los Angles and and became Miss Malibu USA 2009. With the Miss Malibu title, she competed in Miss California and was the first runner up to Carrie Prejean. As first runner up to Prejean, California appointed Tami “Beauty of California ambassador.”

Tami was born on October 5, 1984 in Oregon.

She is reported to be Christian, and has recently recorded her first demo CD, working with Christian recording artists. She has recently performed on a Christian cruise.

Farrell has modeled in campaigns for Everything But Water, Tadashi and Jovani. She has been photographed for YM, Teen Vogue and Allure magazines. She has also served as a Miss Teen USA judge.

Her fundraising skills are said to be quite something, raising $21 million for her charities during her time as Miss Teen USA

Tami is the daughter of Tim and Stephani Farrell. She has two brothers, Shawn and Ricky. See photos below, including one of Tami and her grandmother, Glendorris Farrell.

Tami’s engagement to Buddy Wyrick has just been announced on this blog.

Here’s a few words from Tami back in her Miss Teen USA days, writing for Pageantry magazine:

I must also mention that I would have not made it to this point in my life without the constant support of my parents, brothers, and friends. I want to thank them all for their confidence in me as I continue pursuing my dreams. Above all else, I send all my love and thanks to God, for it has been His will that has made this all possible. And, finally, to all of you who have cheered me on, thank you for your continued support, smiles, and comforting e-mails. They have been a source of personal strength from the beginning, and I will treasure the memories forever.

Tami Farrell and family

Here’s Tami talking about her acting career:

During my year as Miss Teen USA, I traveled the world as a youth advocate. I walked the runways for New York Fashion Week, mastered the red carpet at premieres and parties, and became friends with celebrities! I signed autographs, made television appearances, and helped raise over $21 million for charity. I was trained by one of the most amazing acting schools in New York, and was blessed to get to record for the first time with a music master. I lived that entire year in a dream.

Farrell says her bank account has been “empty” more times than she would like to admit

While working full-time as a jewelry store salesperson, as a nanny, and a caterer, lunch breaks became an ideal time for auditions. I took acting classes at night and lessons on life during my days. I found what it meant to be “a work in progress.” I was blessed and often humbled. I watched my former roommates climb the ladder toward success. While they landed hosting, modeling, and acting jobs, I continued to work on my “True Hollywood Story.”

Until and unless a bevy of hit pieces come out about Miss Farrell, it sounds as though the new Miss California USA has her head on straight and is very excited about her coming pageant duties.

Carrie Prejean Background:
The controversial Miss California, Carrie Prejean, has lost her Miss California title, as well as her first runner-up status in the Miss USA contest.

Prejean has been in the midst of a firestorm of gay rights issues. Miss USA judge, gay activist and celebrity reporter, Perez Hilton asked the competition question that is used to judge a contestant’s performance. Hilton says God told him to ask Carrie her opinion on gay marriage.

Oh, and I spoke to God again today. She says that Carrie’s title as Miss California should be taken away!”
Wait, God’s a she?

Prejean offered her opinion that marriage should be between a man a woman. She placed second to the reigning Miss USA. The next morning, Hilton launched a vicious website attack against here, and the California pageant officials were less than enthusiastic about her answer. The co-director said he was “saddened and hurt” by her answer. I noted that he was not saddened and hurt that his state’s representative was sabotaged with a question that would only promote the vile Perez Hilton, who says he was “the” YouTube moment of the pageant. You can see his video retort below – language warning.

We have been reminded often that Carrie’s answer is supported by President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Of course, that is subject to the change we were promised during the campaign.

Yesterday, amid claims that Carrie was not fulfilling her pageant duties – making appearances, etc., Trump said “you’re fired.”

I’m wishing every good thing for Carrie as she goes forward and puts this whole ugly scene, none of which was her fault, behind her. Congratulations to Tami Farrell, the new Miss California USA. And just a word to Donald Trump, please rethink that decision to ask Perez Hilton back as a judge – who will just be looking for his own YouTube moment at the peril of these young women.

Tami Farrell Miss California Video

Tammi Farrell Miss Malibu Video

Perez Hilton “YouTube Moment” Video

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