Sarkozy Admits Europe Cannot Avoid "Islamization"

In an interview with French newspaper, Christian Family, Philippe de Villiers quotes French President Nicholas Sarkozy as saying Europe cannot avoid “Islamization.”

Nicholas Sarkozy

Philippe de Villiers, a long-time French politician, former Presidential candidate in that country and a current member of the European Parliament, recounts this conversation with Sarkozy (only snippets reprinted here. Note that this is a Babel Fish translation – a rough one).

Why are you focused as much on the topic of Turkey and Islamization?
[Philippe de Villiers] Quite simply because we will see the first transformations of churches into mosques in the three years which come. In any case, it is what Nicolas Sarkozy said to me.


I had a basic discussion with him [Sarkozy] in the Elysium with the last end of the year; he said to me: “You you have the intuitions, me I have the figures. And your intuitions are confirmed by my figures. The Islamization of Europe is inescapable. ” Attention: these is a process which will not be done instantaneously, but which will take a few decades.

Why this question appear to you does central [why is this question important]?

The majority of the politicians have a soft ignorance of what is Islam and propose to transform Europe into supermarket of the concurrent religions. Without becoming aware that Islam is not only one religion, but that, confusing the temporal one and the spiritual one, it imposes a right. But behind this soft ignorance of the politicians, there are those which know. And those which know wrote the green book published in 2000, which is a strategic tool of the Commission of Brussels.

You do not exaggerate dimensions of the phenomenon? Europe refuses its own demographic future.

Jihad Watch has a post up on Sarkozy’s comments. Of Villiers comment above that Europe encourages a “supermarket of the concurrent religions,” Jihad Watch notes:

It’s all the more ironic, then, that gay rights advocates make such an issue of gay marriage while remaining indifferent to the Islamic jihad, or, if they care about the jihad, are still willing to throw overboard allies who may not be in lockstep with their social agenda — that the Islamic jihadists, once in power, will treat gays far more harshly than Christian conservatives ever dreamed of doing doesn’t seem to enter into their calculations.

Since Nicholas Sarkozy took the presidency, he has expressed the need for stricter immigration policies and such support appears to be growing in France. The Muslim population there is reported at six million, about ten percent of the population, but some see that estimate as low. What is known, is that about 25% of all babies born in France today are Muslim. This research says “France could be majority Muslim in less than forty years.”

As elsewhere in Europe, second and third generation Muslims, often well educated, are returning to the traditional values of Islam. Holy War against all unbelievers and non-Islamic governments is one of those values taught by the Koran and the example of Muhammad that the Western liberal elite refuse to acknowledge in their calculations. Yet it is very real and will bring down Europe unless its leaders come to a realistic understanding of the religious, social, and political doctrines of historic Islam and take appropriate action in their immigration, law enforcement, and welfare policies.

We can look at every issue that needs freedom and liberty to keep it free and liberated and see that Islamic jihad will “throw overboard” all that we hold dear. Wake up America. Wake up Europe. I haven’t given up on either of us yet.