Iran Cleric Wants Executions: Mousavi Caves

An unnamed Iranian cleric has called for the execution of some protestors of Iran’s June 12th election. The good news is that he only wants to execute those who are “worthy of execution.” Ahhh, the peace of letting an Islamic cleric decide whether you live or die. It makes living under Islamic rule, so….so….tolerable.

Muslims Praying

Just think, someone gave birth to the child above – and fortunately for the child, he was born male. If you are female, doctors are not available to you because your man doesn’t want the doctor “touching” his property…and so you’ll die sooner rather than later from breast cancer. If you are a female doctor trying to help your enslaved “sisters,” you will be shunned because you may treat males, you have the audacity to work, and you are not home with your family.

During the protests in Iran the past two weeks, I have read over and over how powerful the Iranian women are. The truth is they have no power…no power at all.

Mir Hossein Mousavi, the opposition candidate to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that in the future, he will seek permits for future rallies. Good luck with that Mr. Mousavi. If you truly want to lead the people, denounce Islam.

Denounce Islam

This is life living under Islamic rule. There are no surprises here. The youth of Iran need to realize that it is Islam, no matter who presides over them, that set the rules. There is no freedom for Muslims. Life revolves around hating Jews and everyone else not Muslim. What a glorious way to live. Prayer five times a day? Worship? Please! Attacking Islam and those who interpret it is the only gateway to freedom.