Holocaust Museum Shooting: Updates Here

A shooting has occurred at the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. See updates below with date and time.

National Holocaust Museum

This news is just breaking and all details are not yet completely confirmed. Current reports say that two people were wounded inside the National Holocaust Museum, located on Washington’s National Mall near the Washington Monument. The wounded are reported to be a guard and the shooter, who it seems a second guard fired on and hit.

There is no information on the condition of either the guard or the suspect. Eye witnesses interviewed by Fox News heard gunshots and saw a man wounded and on the ground outside the museum. The speculation is that the man on the ground was wounded inside the museum, ran outside and collapsed on the sidewalk. Just speculation.

There is unconfirmed of a “suspicious package.”

The shooter is under arrest and has been taken to the hospital under police guard.

“Police and other law enforcement, including the FBI’s Terrorism Task Force” were on the scene.

At this moment, Fox is reporting that some Museum employees are still locked into safe rooms on floors 5 and above. Another eye witness inside the Museum said she heard 5 shots. Her son heard the same as well as “faint screaming.”

Update: 1:25 pm CST 6-11-09 – via FoxNews.com Shooters name, James Von Brunn, as young as 60 to as old as 80+. Was shot in the head. Von Brunn is believed to be connected to an anti-semitic website, Holy Western Empire, and White Supremicist groups around the country.

This is from Von Brunn’s website:

This carefully documented treatise exposes the JEWS and explains what you must do to protect your White family. Kill the Best Gentiles! Is a must for every concerned parent and a manual for every student of World History

Update: 1:50 pm CST 6-11-09: Washington D.C. Mayor has just held a press conference, saying that the shooter is in critical condition and the wounded guard is in grave condition. The Washington Chief of Police reports that she CANNOT confirm identity of the shooter, that there is no evidence of more than a lone gunman with a rifle.

Update: 1:59 pm CST 6-10-09: Fox News reports that James Von Brunn sent 6-1/2 years in prison for entering the Federal Reserve Building with what he said was a bomb in a satchel (but was not) and sawed-off shotgun. Von Brunn said at the time he was upset about interest rates. Von Brunn is said to have served in WWII on PT Boat 159.

Update: 4:55 pm CST 6-10-09: It is being reported that the wounded guard shot inside the National Holocaust Museum has died. He is identified as 39 year old Officer Stephen Tyrone Johns. Mr. Johns had served on the Museum’s staff for six years.

Update: 8:50 am CST 6-11-09: The Washington Times is reporting that former Defense Secretary William Cohen when he saw a car stopped “just outside the driveway. “I noticed an older man, but I didn’t pay that much attention,” he said. Presumably, Cohen saw the shooter at that time. One witness saw a security guard pull a gun, one was walking on the mezzanine and “saw a guy with a silver length of gun walking through” the door.

Police retrieved a notebook from Von Brunn that prompted bomb squads to disburse to “least ten sites,” just after the shooting.

The slain guard, Stephen T. Johns worked for Wakenhut security company, with the last six years’ assignment at the Holocaust Museum.