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Inspector General Gerald Walpin was fired by Barack Obama last week. First, the White House told Walpin to resign or be fired within one hour. Walpin was given no explanation for his firing. Walpin refused to resign. Mr. Walpin is interviewed by Glen Beck in the video below. The video begins with Beck talking to Byron York, chief political reporter for the Washington Examiner, who has done some excellent investigative reporting on Mr. Walpin’s firing. The interview with Beck and Walpin begins at about 3:32 minutes into the video. See update 11-10-09 below.

Glen Beck

A few points that matter (with links to original reporting below):

1) In 2008 while Barack Obama was still in the Senate, he co-sponsored a Bill designed to protect Inspector Generals from political pressures. The Bill passed and mandated that a U.S. President can fire an IG only with 30 days notices and a letter to Congress detailing why the IG is being fired. In this case, a letter from Obama was given to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid saying only that the President had lost faith and confidence” in Walpin’s work. As Walpin says in this video, that’s not a reason, that’s a conclusion.

2) IG Walpin had investigated a few things near-and-dear to Barack Obama, specifically AmeriCorps, and through AmeriCorps, specifically Obama’s friend and former NBA star and current Sacramento, CA mayor, Kevin Johnson. The details are ugly, and you’ll see in this video that it is mentioned that not only was Johnson a huge supporter of Obama during the campaign but the two shoot a few hoops together from time to time. Walpin found millions in misued federal funds.

3) Michelle Obama seems to be doing the hiring at the direct office which Walpin was fired from. Michelle’s chief of staff recently left her White House office to go to that office. Three additional high-placed offices are currently empty. I’m betting Michelle has all the input into how those positions are filled.

This is another instance of President Obama thwarting law. I hope you watch the Beck video below, because folks, this is just the tip of the iceberg. New information on Walpin’s firing coming soon.

Glen Beck – Gerald Walpin

Update 11-10-09:

Announced today that Gerald Walpin has been cleared of charges that he
overstepped his authority in his investigation of AmeriCorps and Kevin
Johnson. Read the story here.

All the background and original reporting can be found below:

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