Glen Beck Ambush: The View Divas, BaBwa and Whoopee – The Truth Video

You’ve heard the first part of this story: Glen Beck, his wife and friends, get onto Amtrak and his way to the Correspondents Dinner in Washington, D.C. Finds a conference table on the train and is told those seats are reserved.

Glen Beck

Beck thinks the seats must surely be held for Joe Biden and expects him to get on when they reach NYC. Instead, a police cadre enters the care and escorts Barbara Walters and Whoopee Goldberg to the seats.

Beck has fun with it on his TV show. BaBwa and Whoopee don’t like it – they are they say “pissed.” Glen was already scheduled to appear on the view when the Amtrak incident happens. He shows up for The View and it wasn’t a happy occasion.

Well, we’ve heard a lot about this. Beck seemed to acknowledge that he was wrong – BaBwa didn’t “call him over,” he went over to BaBwa. But that’s not the end of the story. The Divas say the seats were not reserved for them and indicated that Beck lied.

Scott Baker at Breitbart TV did some investigating. Who lied? Is Glen Beck actually a lying sack of dog mess, as Whoopee said? or…Watch the video – it’s fascinating. These women are out-of-control.