California Blogger Gives Insight Into Cap and Trade

Bloviating Zeppelin has posted a speech from his Congressman, Tom McClintock, who voted against the House Cap and Trade legislation last week. Unfortunately, Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein will speak on his behalf when the legislation comes before Senate. If that’s not a depressing thought, I don’t know what is. My own Senators, Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn will vote against the legislation and Senator Inhofe has said there is no chance Cap and Trade will pass.

Rep. Tom McClintock

In the meantime, as you continue to contact your own Senators, advising them to vote against this man-made disaster or else…read Congressman McClintock’s history on a similar bill that has already wreaked havoc on the beautiful State of California [just a snippet below – read the entire speech at Bloviating Zeppelin]:

Up until that bill took effect, California’s unemployment numbers tracked very closely with the national unemployment rate. But then in January of 2007, California’s unemployment rate began a steady upward divergence from the national jobless figures. Today, California’s unemployment rate is more than two points above the national rate, and at its highest point since 1941.

So when economists warn that we can expect electricity prices to double under the cap and trade bill, I can tell you from bitter experience that in my district, that’s not a future prediction, that is an historical fact.