Brian Deese is GM Demantler: Deese Rewrites the Capitalism: Glen Beck Video

Brian Deese is 31 years and he works for Barack Obama. Mr. Deese has not graduated Yale Law School yet, and until now has not held a government job, worked for an auto manufacturer, let alone on an assembly line, but he is THE man (make that young man) behind President Obama’s “biggest experiment yet in federal economic intervention,” as Glen Beck says. See video below.

Brian Deese

Brian Deese, according to the New York Times, is “responsible for the fate of the U.S. auto industry. Brian Deese is the GM demantler, Brian Deese is rewriting the rules of American capitalism, because it was Deese who advised the President not to let the industry fail – this according to the New York Times.

Brian Deese is the man who ran the numbers, but he doesn’t have a background in economics or business, let alone a degree in either. Nevertheless, Larry Summers, the head of the National Economic Council says Deese “grasps both the economics and the politic about as quickly as I’ve seen anyone do this.”

The New York Times muses just a quick tad about Deese’s lack of credentials and sums it up with:

Mr. Deese’s role is unusual for someone who is neither a formally trained economist nor a business school graduate, and who never spent much time flipping through the endless studies about the future of the American and Japanese auto industries.

“Unusual” I would say, but reducing a degree down to time spent “flipping through the endless studies???” If it were not so pitiful, it would be downright hilarious.

But it isn’t hilarious because this is someone instrumental for the $100 million or so the taxpayers have put out on behalf of GM, while getting nothing back and many, in fact, who will be forced into bankruptcy themselves.

Read Glen Beck’s commentary here but better yet, watch the video commentary below.

Brian Deese – Glen Beck Video