Al Gores Role in Cap and Trade: Stinking Up Perfectly Good Words – The Audacity of Cap and Trade

As Al Gore worked the phones for Cap and Trade, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi counted her votes for the legislation which passed the House on June 26th, Wesley Pruden at the Washington Times explains a few things, including why the Bill is not titled with the words “global” or “warming.”

Al Gore’s Role in Cap and Trade

The only “crisis” Thursday in Washington was what to do with Al Gore. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had invited the ex-veep to Washington to appear Friday with senior Democrats to make a last-minute appeal for votes for the American Clean Energy and Security Act. Note there’s not a word about “global” or “warming” in the title of the legislation. Once you stink up perfectly good words, you have to find new ones. (That’s why liberals now call themselves “progressives.”)

Republicans attempted to temper the legislation which will bring the largest tax increase ever by offering three amendments to safeguard what the future has in store for us, but the House would have none of it:

But the most acute pain will be the rising costs of everything as companies pass the effects of the tax on to consumers. Nobody knows this better than Mrs. Pelosi and her merry band of robbers. When this far-reaching legislation was debated in the House Energy Committee, the Republicans offered amendments to suspend the legislation if the price of gasoline exceeds $5 a gallon, if the price of electricity rises more than 10 percent over 2009, and if the unemployment rate, now hovering close to 9 percent, exceeds 15 percent. The Democrats, who know very well the devastation this “biggest tax increase in history” is likely to wreak on American families, nevertheless defeated all three amendments.

Read Pruden’s entire article including a little story about Al and Tipper Gore’s commitment to energy savings.

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