Where’s the Media When We Need Them?

by Lonely Conservative

Now more than ever the people of the United States need an unbiased, inquisitive, and robust press; but for a few exceptions the press has been AWOL.

Barack Obama and the democrats have more power than any president or congress in my lifetime. Yet the press is more interested in Michelle Obama’s clothes, President Obama’s abs, or the first couple taking a stroll on a spring evening. Perhaps the AP should leave that reporting to Entertainment Tonight or People Magazine and start reporting the actual news.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is working to block investigations of misconduct and corruption of House Democrats. Why did I have to find this information on another blog? Why didn’t I read about it in the paper this morning? But this isn’t about me, I actively seek information. It’s about the majority of Americans who rely on newspapers and the big networks to provide news. It’s a shame they’re so uninformed. What’s more shameful is that keeping the public uninformed is deliberate.

Jake Tapper at ABC News has been trying his best; for this he’ll most likely be punished by his employer, the White House, or both. He reported that an attorney for one of the funds involved in the Chrysler bankruptcy informed him that the White House threatened to destroy a firm’s reputation if they didn’t go along with the Obama plan for Chrysler. Of course the White House denied the charge. Why aren’t the other news organizations looking into this? Certainly this is newsworthy.

When the Fox network decided not to air Obama’s last press conference, President Obama decided to pay back Fox News by refusing to allow Major Garrett to ask a question. Obama even went so far as to openly mock Fox News last week (while also mocking hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans). Will he continue to punish Major Garrett and Fox News for making sound business decisions and providing Americans with vital information?

The federal government now has unprecendented power, the likes of which most Americans have never seen. But national news organizations are so biased there’s an entire website devoted to exposing that bias. It’s ugly, it’s shameful, and it’s dangerous. It’s no wonder newspapers are dropping like flies across the nation. Don’t they understand that if only they would do their jobs they’d stand a chance of keeping those jobs?


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