The Jerusalem Connection: A Viable Peace Plan for Israel

Amerisrael is discussing The Jerusalem Connection Peace Plan. This is the first time I’ve heard of this, and I’m guessing that it is not being discussed between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and “anyone.” Not that Netanyahu and all of Israel would not long to put this plan in action, but because the rest of the world does not, and will not support it.

The Jerusalem Connection looks at God’s promises for a homeland, it considers the Balfour Declaration that was so criminally muddled by the Brits – and had it been carried out as the League of Nations “mandated,” we would not have the problems we have today; it calls for jihadists to be militarily defeated; it considers that Jordan should be the Palestinian homeland, and I’ll throw in Syria as well – this an immutable fact from well-known documents – Palestinians are Syrians; it calls for the defunding and dissolution of UNRWA – those miserable refugee camps that keep people groveling in filth and unbridled anger; and it confirms that Judea and Samaria – what we know as the West Bank – must remain a part of Israel, and there can be no peace without that provision, because it was “given” to Israel in the Balfour mandate at statehood, and of course, it is God’s promised land – Judea and Samaria – the land milk and honey.

The “official” peace plans now on the table, and certainly the Arab Peace Initiative being considered today as the best plan, offers Israel “peace,” and nothing more. Not much comfort there. The whole of the Arab countries and their mighty Kings cannot keep a cuff on Palestine now. They will not contain Palestinians now, and they will not contain Palestinians after a peace plan because they are Arabs, and no matter what they say, the ultimate goal is to bring about the destruction of Israel.

I hope you will read the details at Amerisrael. This is a thoughtful article and I’ve just grazed around the edges. Get the whole story at Amerisrael.

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