Name My Butterfly, Please!

My husband and I drove up to our house this afternoon, and as the garage door rolled up, my husband pointed to something catching a ride on the door, whether willingly or not. He said “is that a toad?” We thought it might be. He put the door back down and found this incredible creature, which I assume is a butterfly. Update: My butterfly is a Polyphemus Moth, also known as a giant silkworm moth. Thank you Eric and Jim.

Name My Butterfly, Please! – OOPS! It’s a pretty moth

After googling around for “large butterflies,” etc., I think this is probably in the Peacock Butterfly family, but the true Peacock Butterfly has colorful peacock markings on it’s main wings, as well, and seems to be basically a red or coral color. Here’s my butterfly. If you have any suggestions, let me know. We think the wingspan is about 3 inches across, and he/she is huddled up and not moving much, so it is likely injured.