Waterboarding in the "West Coast Plot"

While Liberals salivate over taking Bush Department of Justice officials to court and trying them for unsanctioned torture in the interrogation of Khalid Sheik Mohammad and others, Marc Theissen at National Review Online lays down a road map to what the results of “enhanced interrogations” did for Americans.

Remember the disrupted plot to fly a airplane into L.A.’s Library Tower, now known as the U.S. Bank Tower? Now that the Obama administration has released the so-called “torture” memos, and will possibly open a door to 9/11-type inquiries, the Left is rewriting history again.

Read Theissen’s exhaustive report of what happened and didn’t happen in the interrogations, and what Khalid Sheik Mohammad and others had in the works.

Thanks to Pundit and Pundette for this story. Read thier short pithy post on the swine flu: Infectious disease: Another reason why our borders need to be secure.