U.S. Boycott: Durban II U.N. Conference Boycott

The State Department has announced that the U.S. will not attend the notorious U.N. racism conference in Geneva next week, known as Durban II. By not attending, we are boycotting, to be exact.

United Nations

According to the documents stating the purpose of this get-together, the goal is to find ways to “combat and eradicate racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.” The first problems is this document is about the same as the one originated in 2001.

It is fair to note that since 2001, the U.N. has become more racist than ever within it’s own seething body.

For starters, the planning committee has designated Iran to preside as the Vice-Chair, Libya as the Chair of the “Main Committee,” meaning Libya runs the conference, and Cuba is to be the Rapporteur – all three pillars of stellar human rights. (Let me just hoist myself up off the floor here).

 The latest draft calls for “Condemnation of foreign occupation.” That means Israel residing on the land Palestinians call their own. The short story is that the League of Nations gave the land to Israel. By the time the Nation of Israel was to be formed, the Brits colluded with the Islamic Mufti of Jerusalem, sliced out a large portion of Israel’s land and gave it to the nomadic Muslims, many of whom had previously lived side-by-side with the Jews. The Jews accepted it all, formed their now tiny Nation and went on with building their homeland.

The Palestinians were not going to accept Israel in their midst however, and they continually attacked the Israeli’s over the border. Finally, in 1967 Israel took a portion of their land back – a short war and it was over, sort of.

To the U.N., that’s occupation – and Israel is condemned for it.

Getting right off to a terrible start, the document actually supports the document put forth in 2001. These documents supporting the abolishment of racism want us to be “one human family rich in diversity….,” everyone free and equal and all that.

The problem is, the Muslim world hates the Jews. After they finish with the Jews (because they believe they will) then they will ramp-up the hate of all Westerners even more than they do right now. Nowhere in this document does it call for the Muslim world to accept Israel. How can these lofty goals – for eliminating the Xenophobia and Racial Discrimination – and “Related Intolerance,” and such, be met when Muslims will not accept Israel? That’s the bottom line.

 The document is full of itself when talking about racism. It is all about racism – except when talking about Jews.

As with all U.N. documents, this one “acknowledges,” and “confirms,” and “reaffirms,” and “supports,” about everything but Israel.

Durban II “invites” Governments and law enforcement to “collect reliable information on hate crimes.” It urges States to Punish violent, racist and xenophobic activities based on Nazi, neo-Facist and other violent national ideologies.”

I don’t like Nazi’s either. I don’t like crime whatever the color or motive. What about suicide bombers in Israel. What about suicide bombers in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s all ideology and it’s all very violent – and it is all okay for the Muslims.

 The U.N. wants us to remember the days of slave trade, apartheid, colonialism and genocide – never forget it, the document says. Does that include Arab genocide against African Muslims? How many have to die before Arab genocide can be called what it is? How many have to die in Darfur before we hold those responsible, who are actually responsible.

Okay, this document does say that “the Holocaust must never be forgotten.” This is good. Why is Iran still a member nation of the U.N. – and now the Vice-Chair of the whole confab?

Now we get to immigration. We are called upon to “protect the human rights of all migrants regardless of their immigration status,” we are to eliminate all “intolerance at country border entry areas,” they want our border guards to be trained “with a view to sensitizing them to racism.”

The U.N. is calling upon all politicians and law enforcement officials to stop negative stereotyping of non-citizens – attitudes “that have led to xenophobic violence, killings and the targeting of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers.” In other words, we needn’t protect our borders. This is one world, after all.

 We are called upon to provide Universal health care for everyone, regardless of their legal status – including preventative measures.

We are not to profile, we are to teach our children not to be racist, we are to integrate all minorities into our politics and we are to fund “civil society organizations.”

In No. 128 on page 16, the U.N. wants the Federation Internationale de Football Association, to introduce a visible theme on non-racism in football (does that mean soccer?).

The hope is that a non-racism theme will carry on through all “international sporting bodies.”

Member states are encouraged to increase their voluntary contributions to the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). The problem is, we have no Commissioners for Human Rights who give a fig for real human rights.

Out of the 17 pages pages and 142 paragraphs in the pdf, almost every goal could be an excellent goal, except that the Islamic world will not honor it.

Yes, we should protect women and girls and boys from human trafficking. This document won’t do it. Yes, we should not discriminate, but nothing in this document protects the law abiding from the illegal. Nothing returns the rule-of-law to the legal citizen.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) within the U.N. is just festering with hate, and well, how is the world to join together against “Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance?”

 You know, it just can’t get done because countries continue to show up to these U.N. Bash Israel get-togethers. No one should be in Geneva for this conference next week, and at least, my country will not be there – this time, and hopefully no deals have been made under the table. What’s up with Germany, though?

As of today, it is reported that The U.S., Canada, Italy and Israel all plan to boycott. I’m betting that President Obama had to buy U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice one of those fancy new hybrid cars, or something – to keep her away from all the love at UN Geneva next week.

Note: the pdf of the document discussed above is linked with this article, in the 5th paragraph.

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