The Republican Party is NOT too Conservative and Democrats are NOT Moderate

Cross Posted from The Lonely Conservative

If I hear one more time that the Republican Party’s problems stem from being too conservative and that the Democrat Party is the moderate party I might scream, or throw up, or throw something. Who are these people trying to fool? Do they remember the tea parties that occurred two weeks ago? Imagine the turnout if conservatives didn’t have jobs? Good God! They’ve all lost their minds.

Harry Reid, Shepard Smith, Arlen Specter, Lindsey Graham, Meghan McCain – They are all living in some other universe. Or at least another continent. Let’s see….hmmm….how about Europe?! If republicans are going to act like democrats – guess what? – we won’t need them. They won’t matter and unless a third party gains enough momentum – which I don’t see happening in the near term – our republic will be completely destroyed.

Yet here we all are, arguing over whether the Republican Party threw Arlen Specter under the bus. How dare conservatives have the audacity to win primaries against republicans? I’ll tell them, we’ve had enough of the RINO’s who have destroyed the Republican Party. It’s time to weed them out. They haven’t stopped the democrats from ramming their agenda down our throats. Quite the contrary. Specter, Snowe and Collins stabbed their party in the back and voted for Porkulus. John McCain is partly responsible for his own loss in the presidential election thanks to McCain-Feingold. George Bush faced backlash from not only his base, but the majority of Americans, over amnesty.

So tell me, please, how on earth is the republican party too conservative? Are they too adherent to the Constitution? Nope! Have they been fiscally responsible? Nope! Oh yeah, some of them actually gave a hoot about keeping us safe. Don’t worry, though, Barack Obama and his party will be sure to undo any strides they made in that arena. Were they against expanding the federal government? Hell no! They just expanded it less than democrats.

The republicans took a drubbing in the last two elections because they are too liberal. Was President Bush exalted for his bipartisanship when he worked with Teddy Kennedy to pass No Child Left Behind? Nope. Did he receive praise from AARP for providing seniors with prescription coverage? Nope. He was treated like a leper by democrats and republicans alike.

For those who say the Democrat Party is the party of moderates, I say you are uninformed. Nationalizing health care is not moderate. Robbing workers of the right to a secret ballot is not moderate. Publishing national security secrets for all of our enemies to see is not moderate. Taking over banks and auto companies is not moderate. Using taxpayer money to fund overseas abortions is not moderate. Taking away the right to have an attorney present during interrogations is not moderate. Calling those of us who oppose them “radical right wing extremists” is not moderate. Burdening American families and businesses with cap and trade taxes is not moderate.

Yet, Barack Obama ran as a moderate! He still uses “conservative” language when he reads his little speeches off of TOTUS. News flash: Some people believe what they hear. And for some people, that’s all they need to hear and it won’t be until they begin to actually feel the effects of Obama’s disastrous policies until they begin to see the writing on the wall. The republicans need to oppose him and his party whenever possible. They need to speak up for what’s right. They need to point out, over and over again, that his actions do not match his rhetoric. It is not fiscally responsible to spend us into oblivion. It is criminal to rob our children of their future prosperity.

Until members of the Republican Party can find a way to communicate a true conservative message to counter the fake conservative messages delivered by Barack Obama it doesn’t matter how many Arlen Specters desert the party to save their own political skin.