Hillary Pushes the Liberal Addiction to Abortion

Hillary Clinton and other pro-choice liberals carefully use the words ‘family planning’ to describe what they view as a right to have an abortion. More often it seems they prefer to call abortion by the words, women’s reproductive rights. The report from AFP states Hillary ‘defended the right to abortion worldwide’ and the Obama Administration’s approval to pay for it with taxpayer money.

“We happen to think that family planning is an important part of women’s health and reproductive health includes access to abortion, that I believe should be safe, legal and rare,” Clinton added.

You will notice that Clinton carefully words her response like most other pro-choice advocates who apparently feel the need to make killing babies sound better. Funny how the same liberals who have spat on returning US troops and called them baby killers have no such problem with those who really do kill babies.

First Clinton uses the phrase, ‘family planning’ and then the word women’s and reproductive both having the word health added to each phrase. Gee, family, planning, health, reproductive, all such natural sounding words when it comes to childbirth. But make sure you never speak about ending someone’s life or killing them by using abortion. No, no, no that would make it sound bad. Well it is bad. It is wrong and it is bad. It is not the way to solve any problem Clinton or those who agree with her on this topic can present. It is not about planning and it is not about planning reproduction. If it were sincerely about health then a proactive couple would have avoided the pregnancy.

Certainly when a woman becomes pregnant against her will such as in rape you can make the case she could do little or nothing about it. But even then there are other options. Stats indicate pregnancies from rape represent a tiny number of abortion requests compared to other reasons. The leading statistic for most women having an abortion in any given year indicates it is not their first one. Abortion is primarily used as contraception for dummies. Choices have consequences which the pro-choice crowd prefers to ignore.

Abortion solves nothing since the desire for them by some continues. It is the death penalty for babies who had no say in any of it. How many liberals are opposed to the death penalty for those convicted of a capital crime? Do those same liberals oppose abortion?

And the current President of the United States said he doesn’t want his daughters to be burdened with a baby for making a mistake. What does this say about his other statements suggesting people have to take responsibility for their actions? It is just another lie from Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton.

This was just a little warm up post for the coming week. The rather impractical key performance measure for Presidents will likely dominate political discussions for some time. President Obama’s first 100 days in office ends mid-week. The relative merits of this analysis are subject to debate. But it has become something of a ritual fair or not.

In advance of what will probably bring as much criticism of the President as praise and not serve any useful purpose it is what there is. So, kindly refrain from regarding those who oppose the current President’s agenda and actions as racists. Many describe Mr Obama as the first African-American President. Are you forgetting his mother was white? Simple math would suggest Mr Obama is as much black as he is white and the reverse is true. So if there is some discrimination going on it is forgetting his whiteness and focusing on his blackness. Perhaps as he said when asked if race was an issue after taking office that it only lasted about an hour and a half and we are fast approaching 100 days.

Stanford Matthews