Who Ran on America’s Money Markets? Is this How Obama got Elected?

This week I posted on Representative Paul Kanjorski’s comments on a C-SPAN program on January 27th. He made some extraordinary claims which in summary and paraphrase were that on September 15th, 2008 someone began a drain of America’s money market system.

Representative Paul Kanjorski (Photo)

According to Kanjorski in less than two hours, $550 billion disappeared from money market accounts across America. The Treasury deposited $150 billion into the system, and realized that they could not stop the drain, so they shut down all money market transactions.

According to Kanjorski, if the Feds had not taken action, we would have lost $5.5 trillion dollars in a three hour time period – which he said would have caused political and financial collapse in America and around the world. Let that sink in.

Financial collapse, of a sort, we are dealing with currently, and anything worse would be unthinkable…but political collapse – perhaps losing our freedom and our country to…some petty, wealthy dictator, perhaps? I haven’t a clue but it is worth mulling over.

Rush Limbaugh discussed this a couple of days ago. He speculated on who would want to destroy the American economy. He theorized George Soros and/or other foreign countries – just his speculation. He also theorized that it all happened to bring down the economy and get Barack Obama elected.

George Soros (Photo)

Here’s a quote from Soros from late January 2009:

The Independent – January 29, 2009
One of the world’s leading investors and the man famed for “breaking the Bank of England” in 1992, George Soros, told the World Economic Forum yesterday that the current financial crisis is even worse than what was experienced during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Mr Soros also revealed that he has once again been selling sterling short, though he has now stopped betting against the pound. In a pessimistic tour d’horizon of global prospects, Mr Soros added that he did not think that America would return to robust 3 per cent growth for a decade.

No one in an official capacity is talking about this. That, in itself is astonishing. We have no one denying it or confirming it. When the few pieces we have are put together, things get, as blogger Pat Dollard said, “creepy.” Creepy and terrifying.

Dollard has had a few busy days. He has culled some press reports that relate the story behind the fall of the Bank of England, and George Soros is known as The Guy Who Broke the Bank of England.

As Dollard’s news pieces come together, we are reminded of the rumors of George Soros’ hand in the Georgia-Russia War. Here are a few snippets:

In 2004, Soros, using his “Democracy Alliance,” which represented nothing more than a hostile takeover of the Democratic Party by globalist forces represented by Soros and his friends, pooled and bundled campaign contributions for a number of Democratic candidates, earning him the same loyalty that similar bribes bought him in Georgia.

In the above snippet, it goes on to detail how the anti-Halliburton campaign was launched and how Soros benefitted by the company’s stock downturn.

As the result of the Soros effort against Halliburton, the company’s stock plummeted from $40 a share to $26 a share. Soros, a longtime hedge fund and currency speculator who profits from crises and financial collapses, bought 2 million shares of Halliburton at its low share price of $26 per share.

Don’t you know he took great joy at the misery he caused many people involved with Halliburton. How many times, with how many companies has this happened? What else do we not know?

When did the Treasury open the system again? Can it happen again? I think we should know.

Then there’s the part about Soros and “democracy manipulation.”

If you are not afraid of being called a “conspiracy theorist,” or a “truther,” then you should read Pat Dollards work on this. I’m adding Kanjorski’s C-SPAN video here for your convenience.

Give this some thought: someone tried to empty money market funds. And no one is talking. Are you as concerned as I? There was a time when we knew we could demand answers, and we would probably get them. Today we are far from that place. We are living in a time of secrecy and darkness and I think nothing is really as it seems.

Thanks to Holger Awakens who emailed the links and participated in some brainstorming with me. Read the whole story, including some interesting information about Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT), at Pat Dollard.com. Please visit Pat for the full story. He has done some amazing work.

Note: Limbaugh mentioned that Kanjorski may be exaggerating. We need to remember that this is C-SPAN, not some morning talk show. I believe we should take this seriously. If Kanjorski is making this up, someone would be crying foul.

Representative Kanjorski on C-SPAN (Video)