Tom Daschle & Nancy Killefer Withdraw from Obama’s Nomination

I was in the middle of the post below when the announcement came that Tom Daschle (D-SD) has withdrawn his nomination to Secretary of Health and Human Services.

One thing that strikes me, is all the talk about how “popular” Daschle, the former Majority and Minority Leader is in Washington.

He is not so popular with his voters. The good people of South Dakota “withdrew” him from the Senate a few years ago and placed Republican John Thune in the Daschle seat in 2004. Our Senators and Representatives should never discuss the “popularity” of their peers in Congress – especially when justifying the nomination of a person who has broken the law.

Here are my thoughts before the withdrawal announcement – Jim DeMint deserves praise?

UPDATE: HotAir is reporting that in addition to the “evaded” taxes we know about, Daschle also failed to pay $83,333 in consulting fees in 2007 and he claimed $15,000 in charitable donations to unqualified “charities,” as well as this:

And that brings up another point. The Obama transition team knew full well that Daschle had significant tax problems when that vetting process began. Why did Obama insist on keeping Daschle at HHS? Daschle had spent the last few years as a high-profile lobbyist for the industry Obama wanted him to regulate, which is exactly what Obama promised not to do during the campaign. So now we have a lobbyist and a tax cheat rolled up into one person, whom Obama insists should run Health and Human Services, and he knew all of this well before announcing Daschle and submitting his name for confirmation. It’s not like Obama can claim to be surprised.

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) has once again shown what integrity is all about. He is asking President Obama to withdraw former Senator Tom Daschle’s nomination for Secretary of Health and Human Services for his failure to pay required taxes.

Tom Daschle is one more tax evader nominated for entrance to the Obama inner circle. How pathetic are these nominations?

Nancy Killefer, the appointee to head the newly created Obama Chief Performance Officer czar, has today withdrawn her nomination – BECAUSE she did not pay taxes for household help.

This woman held a high-powered job with the U.S. Treasury. During those years, it appears she paid her taxes. After leaving the Treasury, she “began” not paying, and she also stopped paying her quarterly taxes. The IRS put a lien on her house. Five months later, Killefer resolved the lien.

Killefer’s husband is an economics professor, and she was a member of the Treasury Department under Clinton – she even oversaw the “modernization” of the IRS.

I think we’ve found the way to clean-up Congress. I’m calling for a complete audit of everyone in Congress. Any disgression and they’re out. That will give the American people the opening to start all over again.