Obama Speech: Right Pundits, Blue Star Chronicles Live Blogging

President Barack Obama will address the Nation tonight to tell us either how bad the country’s outlook is, or how good it will look, eventually. Below you’ll find two excellent sites where you can watch the speech live and blog your reactions at the same time.

President Barack Obama (Photo)

Join the fun and the commentary tonight at one of two dynamic sites: Right Pundits’ Obama Live Stream: Obama Address to Congress, or the same at Blue Star Chronicles. Go to either now, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the ‘Cover it Live’ screen. Add your email address and set up a notification reminder for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 3 hours before the event.

At either Live Stream site, McCain has some thoughts on Obama’s foreign policy, and what is happening around the world on the international front. Unless you live, eat and breath politics, you might catch-up on the problems facing the new administration before the speech begins.

Bobby Jindal’s live response will be aired immediately after Obama speaks. Catherine Friar at Right Pundits will be covering his response. She has an intro posted now. Jindal will not receive a prior copy of Obama’s speech – unprecedented for events like this. If you have ever watched a critique from the minority party, you know that the responders had previously seen the text or critical portions of it, and formed their response. Perhaps Jindal will still yet receive something to work from, from this White House…but then again, maybe not.

After both events, both sites will have the transcripts as they become available.

Right Pundits and Beth at Blue Star Chronicles always provide lively conversation for live blog events. We hope you’ll join us: Right Pundits, or Blue Star Chronicles. When? 6 p.m. PST, 8 p.m. CST, 9 p.m. EST.