Anne Coulter, Joy Behar Compendium

In case you missed Ann Coulter’s appearance on Larry King Live, hosted by Joy Behar, here’s both of them at their best, which doesn’t say much for Ms. Behar.

Ann Coulter (Photo)

Joy must have thrown-up when she found she had to go solo with Ann. They cover real politics in these videos, with Ann giving concise answers (except for some pithy scarcasm). Joy hits and runs, because it is obvious she has no knowledge or depth on the issues covered.

I’ve added a short topic-synopsis for each video in case you do not have times for all four.

Video No. 1: Behar asks Ann if there is anything she likes about Obama. Ann will surprise you with her answer. Behar talks about America torturing, and Ann defines “torture” as showing old, back shows of The View. Discussion of the stimulus bill, and the financial crisis. Joy mentions Senators Susan Collins, Olympia Snow and Arlen Specter and talks about galloping socialism. Some talk about Rush.

Ann Coulter, Joy Behar No. 1 (Video)

Video 2: More about Rush Limbaugh. Joy asks Ann if people hate her. The media’s enchantment with Barack Obama and the Clintons. “Dinky little electric cars.”

Ann Coulter, Joy Behar No. 2 (Video)

Video 3: Replay of one of Ann’s most controversial appearances on The View where Ann takes on Barbara Walters and “Sherry” defends Barbara.

Ann Coulter, Joy Behar No. 3 (Video)

Video No. 4: Discussion of Jersey Girls and unwed mothers including Bristol Palin,.

Ann Coulter, Joy Behar No. 4 (Video)

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Ann Coulter Gallery (Photos)