Republicans Lost – and the Dems are… Mad?

In a stunning turn of events, House Republicans won a critical symbolic victory Wednesday in uniting against Obama’s $1 trillion phony economic “stimulus” plan. Call your Republican congressman and thank him/her. They did right for a change and we need to let them know it. If your representative was one of the eleven Democrats who courageously crossed lines to oppose the plan, call to thank them too.

Of course the Democrats passed the bill anyway, 244 to 188. But they’re mad!

After the vote they came out swinging, lambasting the Republicans, with Nancy Pelosi issuing a memo to “interested parties” warning that Republicans have put themselves in a “politically untenable position” by opposing the bill. The memo is a laundry list of alleged Republican crimes.

Me thinks thou protest too much, Nancy. When a Democrat gets mad at you, you know you’ve done something right.

The “Stimulus” bill is nothing more than a massive serving of Democrat pork, with huge payoffs to favored groups like ACORN, a laughable tax cut averaging about $12 per week and a modest amount for infrastructure that will not be spent for years. None of the provisions in this bill will stimulate the economy.

But Democrats are not interested in stimulating the economy. They are interested in securing their majority into the foreseeable future by purchasing votes and placing great swaths of the economy under their thumbs. Obama’s cultivation of Republican votes is merely an effort give him cover for this heist and prevent Republicans from using it as an issue against Democrats in the upcoming 2010 elections.

Oh yes, 2010!

For those of you who don’t know, in 2010, Congressional Democrats have to defend 84 seats in Republican districts that George Bush carried strongly in both the 2000 and 20004 elections. These are very vulnerable seats. All Republicans need to do to get them back is prove that they are still Republicans!

If Obama succeeds in suckering Republicans into supporting this hog, Republicans will have lost what may be their last chance to convince the public that they have any relevance at all. They will have no issue to run on in 2010. Instead they will share blame for the stimulus package’s certain failure, which should be readily apparent by then.

Not only that, Republicans will be on record supporting a blatantly radical leftist power grab, setting the stage for massive tax increases that will be necessary to fund these programs in the future, and creating trillion dollar deficits “for years to come…” in Obama’s own words.

If they fall for this the Republican Party can kiss conservatives goodbye, and for that matter practically everyone else. The Dems know that too.

The Democrats’ true goal in cultivating Republican support for this monstrosity is the same goal as always: to defeat the competition and secure unchallengeable power for the foreseeable future.

As usual they are relying on public ignorance and Republican stupidity to pull it off. But for a change House Republicans didn’t take the bait, so the Dems are mad.

Republicans did the right thing yesterday. I pray Republican Senators have the wisdom to do the same. The future of the Republican Party, and perhaps the nation, depends on it.

What You Can Do

Call your Republican senator and urge him/her to filibuster the stimulus plan in the Senate. If you don’t have a Republican senator, call the Democrat. Most, if not all Democrats will get behind Obama, but a call to them will let them know just how disgusted you are with this massive pork bill and they may soften up a bit.

Most Republican senators are now against the bill, but five have indicated support: Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), Thad Cochran (R-Miss.), Arlen Specter (R-Pa.), Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Kit Bond (R-Mo.) Snowe is the weakest link, but someone needs to read them all the riot act.