Rachel Maddow Sympathetic Toward Israel

Update: As my title suggests, I saw the following video as sympathetic to Israel. I’ve had some emails suggesting that I misinterpreted Maddow. I do note at the end she hits Bush for not getting into the “tinder box,” before leaving office, and she calls on the new President to bring about a political solution, which she feels is the only way to peace.

It’s not a political solution that will bring peace. A change-of-heart among Arabs, a great softening of their hate, and the rejection of jihad against infidels, is what will bring about peace, in my opinion.

Let me know how you view this video.

Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow, host of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, a radio “talker” on Air America, where she is described as a “progressive political commentator,” and on a list of Famous Jews, discusses the difficult situation Israel is in, in the Middle East.

In this video, dated late December 2008, Maddow is talking about the ages-old Arab aggressions against Israel and providing a short lesson in the history of Israel and her neighbors.

How often do we see this from a Liberal, Jewish or not?

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